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Welcome to the Rossmoor Camera Club

2017 -2018 Season

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Our Purpose
To share and enjoy activities in photography with fellow members and the Leisure World Community.
To grow in the knowledge and practices of photography.


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Updated: Calendar to include add CLL class Bill Lebovich- Architectural Photographer

Updated: Calendar to include March 17 board meeting

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Proposed Revised Bylaws HERE
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March competition HERE
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Here is the final recommendation of the RCC Board for the Bylaws restructuring.
It is a proposal to be voted on at the May 15th annual meeting.


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Fellow Maryland camera clubs in this area –
The North Bethesda Camera Club is hosting one of [their] favorite “big speakers,” John Barclay, on April 28, from 10:00 to 3:00, at Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, MD. The title of John’s presentation is Master Your Craft & Honor Your Vision. Asbury is an upscale senior residence with a very nice auditorium that holds 200 people.
John presented a great program at [NBCC] last year, and I joined him later on a photography tour to Cuba. He is inspiring, entertaining, and a great photographer.  Here’s a link to his website if you’re not familiar with him and his work.
There will be a modest fee of $25 for the event.
We are advising local Maryland camera clubs about the event with hopes that some of your people will join us. We’ll first offer tickets to NBCC members, their guests, and Asbury folks. Then at a later date (probably in March), when we know how many seats remain, we’ll get back to you with the invitation to buy tickets. We’re advising you now, so people can pencil in that date if they want to come.
Shoot often, shoot well!

Roy Sewall
President, North Bethesda Camera Club
Roy Sewall Photography


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RCC Board of Directors

(Prev.Executive Committee)

President: Jon Fife,
1st Vice President: Sue Alexander,
Co-2nd Vice Presidents: Larry and Joanne Mars, joannemars1@gmail,com
Treasurer: George Kaye,
Secretary: Frank Roddy,
Past-President & Sunday Matinees: Stu Lillard,
LW News: Fred Shapiro,
Web Master: Ron Masi,
Computer Support: Richard Bambach,
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 The following is to acquaint you with the scope of the activities of the Rossmoor Camera Club.  We hope to attract new members and to encourage all members to participate more fully in both the photographic activities of the club and the work of its various committees.

    Residents of Leisure World are welcome to attend any meeting are cordially invited to become members. 

      You don't have to own a camera in order to belong to the Club.  You just need to be interested in photography.  And if you do own a film or digital camera, whether you have a lot of sophisticated photographic equipment and lots of competition medals or none at all, you will find an outlet for your talents in competitions, photo essays and longer slide / digital shows.

    If, like some of us, your achievements are modest and you belong to the "Oops! I cut off his head" school, you can learn or share the basics as well as some of the finer points of photography in the club. Or, if you are just a dedicated spectator and armchair traveler, you can still be an invaluable part of the audience at the club meetings and slide / digital matinees.  So, you see, there is something for everyone.

    Camera Club members meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from September through May.  Programs of various kinds are held in Clubhouse II. the programs begin at 7:00 in the Meeting Room or the Auditorium. General meetings occur on the second Tuesday and competitions are held on the fourth Tuesday.

    The high points of the Camera Club year include the holiday party in December and the Annual Banquet in early May or June.  The banquet features the presentation of awards for outstanding photographs and photographers of the year and for dedicated service to the club. The installation of new officers for the following year also takes place at that time.

The Programs
    At regular meetings, programs of various types are given throughout the year: photo essays, competition techniques and "how to" sessions and special programs.  Also, the club presents a series of slide / digital Matinees, co-sponsored by the Education and Recreation Department, on Sunday afternoons.  All programs are open to the entire community and their guests.

Photo Essays
    A photo essay is a relatively short set of slides / digital images on any subject, with a time limitation (usually about 5 minutes), projected with commentary and/or musical accompaniment, and which may be presented live or on tape or with a computer.

Special Programs
    Special Programs may include all types that do not fall logically into the areas of other Camera Club program series.   They include longer slide / digital presentations (at least 15 minutes in length) by club members or individuals from outside the community. Other programs of general interest to members may also be presented.

    Competitions are conducted for prints and digital images. Specific rules have been drawn up covering the conditions for entering images in the competition. A copy of these rules are here.  Prints and digital images are judged separately by an experienced judge from outside the Leisure World community with points  awarded to the winners.  Judges' critiques often provide valuable advice on how to improve your pictures.
Field Trips
    From time to time during the year, the Camera Club plans trips to nearby places of special photographic interest.  This is an especially fun part of being a member of the club.  We can show our photos afterward at a meeting – and some of them just might prove to be candidates for entry in a competition.  Car pools are generally set up for these outings.
Sunday Matinees
    Sunday Matinees, the Rossmoor Camera Club’s contribution to the entire Leisure World community, bring a rich array of one-hour slide / digital programs to capacity audiences.  Club members, as well as outside photographers, present these Sunday programs in the Auditorium of Clubhouse II,

Other Activities
    Camera Club photographers share their favorite prints with the whole community by mounting exhibits in various areas of both clubhouses, and, from time to time, in offices of the Administration Building, the Inter-Faith Chapel and local banks.

    A bulletin Board is maintained in the south corridor of Clubhouse I.  Notices of meetings, competitions and other activities are published regularly in the LW News.  Names and phone numbers of officers are available from the E&R office.

    The Rossmoor Camera Club (RCC) is a member of  the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the PSA.  Membership in this organization entitles our club to participate in their activities such as seminars and competitions and to receive such other services as may be offered.  Individual memberships in are encouraged.

    A member serves as liaison to the Fireside Forum of Leisure World. RCC provides greeters when requested and offers suggestions for interesting programs.

    This is intended to acquaint prospective members with the scope of the activities of the Rossmoor Camera Club.  We hope to attract new members and to encourage all members to participate more fully in both the photographic activities of the club and the work of its various committees.

    Residents of Leisure World are welcome to attend any meeting of the Camera Club and are cordially invited to become members.