Rossmoor Camera Club

Future Competition Subjects
With Definitions
2017 - 2020
So you can plan

In June of 2017 a subcommittee of the Executive Committee met to define the subjects of our competitions for the next few years.  Below are those definitions:


September Open All photos

October Transportation Pictures showing transportation of people, goods, materials or the like while in motion.

November Houses of Worship Picture shall show a significant portion of the exterior of a building used for worship.

January Open (Trial Competition) From a single image, using any editing software(s), any post-processing procedures may be used.

February Interior of Buildings [Updated 12/9/17] Any photo of the interior of any building illustrating the architectural nature of the building. This does not include photos that are focused on single objects simply placed in an interior like a statue. The photo should have the form of the location inside the structure as the main subject. Examples: the walls of the Rotunda of the Capitol looking across from one of its entrances, the length of the interior of the National Cathedral viewed from the west entrance.”

March Gardens Plot of land cultivated with flowers, shrubs, trees, cacti, etc., which is designed for personal or public enjoyment

April End-of-Year Competition


September Open
All photos

October Circles, Curves and Arcs A circular course, circuit or orbit. A relatively smooth connection of bends in a course. Arc = shaped like a bow, curve or arch.

November Play People at play, competitive or non-competitive. Emphasis should be on activities which bring pleasure to participants.

January Open The committee will revisit this after the January 2018 competition.

February Well-known Iconic Sights The scene in the picture should depict an immediately recognizable location, e.g., Lincoln Memorial, Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Giza, Eiffel Tower and similar.

March Nature Everything in picture must be natural. No man-made items of any kind or persons may be included.

April End-of-Year Competition


September Open
All photos

October Looking Up Any image shot with the camera pointed upward. May be interior or outdoor settings.

November Human Faces Images emphasizing human facial features (basically above the shoulder). May be candid or formal shots.

January Open All photos

February Color Any image in which the major theme uses primary or secondary colors (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue or green) as the predominant color(s) in the image.

March Architectural Details Images of architectural detail which might include windows, doors, trim, lights, handles, locks or similar hardware, shot from inside or outside, either in homes or public locations.

April End-of-Year Competition