Rossmoor Camera Club

Competition Rules

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Rossmoor Camera Club at Leisure World Competition Rules
Revised June, 2012, for 2012-2013 Season
Revised May, 2015, for 2015-2016 Season*

Article I – Definitions
Section A – Media
Prints – [SEE: Article V ]
Projected Image (Digital) – [SEE: Article VI ]
Section B – Classes
There are two skill levels or “classes” recognized by this club. These are General and Advanced. Depending on his/her expertise, a member may compete as General in one medium and Advanced in another but may not compete simultaneously in both classes for the same medium.
Rules for promotion from the General to the Advanced class are provided in Article X.
Section C – Categories
A Competition Category is combination of a Class and a Medium. There are four (4) possible categories as follows:
General Print General Digital [Projected Image]
Advanced Print Advanced Digital [Projected Image]
All four (4) categories will not necessarily be competed at every meeting. – [SEE: Article III, Section “A”, 2nd paragraph].
Section D – Competition Subjects
The Board shall select subjects for four (4) of the next year’s monthly competitions and present them to the members at the general meeting in May. The expected sequence of competition events will be as follows:
Months Event
September & January Open
October, November, February & March Specific Subjects/Topics
April Year-end
(Starting in 2012, the Board has chosen competition subjects for both the 2012-2013 and the 2013-2014 years so that photographers with limited time and travel may better plan their photo shoots. This is the only year in which the Board will need to choose eight subjects, as next year the Club will only need four more subjects, always for two years in advance.)
RCC Competition Rules – Page 2 – June 2012

Article II – Member eligibility
Competitors must be members of the Rossmoor Camera Club and must have paid their annual dues. All competitors, by the act of submitting images for judging, acknowledge that they have read and agree to abide by these rules. Competitors agree to hold the Club free from any claim for loss or damage to any slide, print or digital image, agree to abide by the current rules and agree to keep silent during the judging. Entry of a print or digital photograph allows the Rossmoor Camera Club to reproduce the entry in the End-or-the-Year program booklet and/or digital web site as needed.

Article III – Competitions
Section A – Monthly*
A scheduled monthly competition will be held in every category for which three or more members have submitted at least one entry each. One-third of the entries in each category shall receive awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mentions, with a maximum of 10 awards. When the number of entries is not divisible by three, the number of awards will be rounded to the nearest third.
Entries = Awards
3-4 = 1, 5-7 = 2, 8-10 = 3, 11-13 = 4, 14-16 = 5, 17-19 = 6, 20-22 = 7, 23-25 = 8, 26-28 = 9, 29 + = 10
In the event that there are insufficient entries within a category, that category will be combined with the other category for the same medium.
No image may be submitted more than three times in monthly competitions. When an image has won any award in RCC competition, it may never be resubmitted in any form in any category other than at the year-end event that year; and a closely similar photograph may not be submitted in any category during the current competition year.
Each member may submit up to two (2)* entries in any one category but no more than four (4) entries in all categories for a regular monthly competition. The penalty for exceeding the maximum number of allowable entries will be the disqualification of all of that member's entries for that event.
Section B – Year-end
Any competition entry that placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention during the competition year is eligible to participate in the end of year competition for the same medium and in the class of the member. The same schedule of awards as regular monthly competitions will be used with the exception that the awards will be titled “Photograph of the Year”. 1st Place winners may have their images included in the banquet program and published on the Club’s Web Site.
Each member may submit up to three (3) entries in any one category in the year-end competition. The limitation of four (4) entries for the evening does not apply for the year-end event. The penalty for exceeding the maximum number of allowable entries will be the disqualification of all of that member's entries for that evening.

Article IV – Images
Section A – Composition
The entry must be the original work of the photographer and must be an honest photographic depiction of observed reality with no manipulation that alters the truth of the original image. To be eligible, all photographs must have been taken by the competitor. Photographs taken by the competitor with a digital camera may be entered in any medium as long as they meet all other criteria. Digital stock images and objects scanned (other than original slides or negatives) or created artificially on the computer may not be utilized in any competition.
Section B – Acceptable digital adjustments
Burning and dodging
Cropping and rotating
Brightness, contrast, highlight and shadow detail adjustment
Color Correction (but not significant alteration)
Color saturation (including conversion to monochrome)
Perspective correction (skewing)
Flipping (reversing) entire image
Red-eye reduction
Repair anomalies (dust, lint, scratches, digital noise, faulty pixels)
Limited cloning for the removal of electric or phone wires or signs or vignetting (but not for the purpose of creating a different background or image than actually existed when the photograph was taken) is acceptable for images.  Cloning will not be permitted for some competition subjects. Those subjects will be specified by the board when the subjects are announced.
Specifically prohibited is the insertion of elements not actually present when the photograph was taken or the stitching together of two or more images.

Article V – Prints
Section A – Print Sizes
Print size may not exceed 16 x 20 inches.
Section B -- Print Mounting
All prints must be mounted, but mounting need not be done by the competitor. Mats or over-mats if used, must be white, off-white or black and must be securely attached (top and bottom) to the back mount board in a manner that will not damage other entries. In order to fit in the viewing box, mount boards may not exceed 24 inches in height or 24 inches in width. Prints may not be framed. The competitor's name or title may not appear on the front.
Section C – Print Marking
All prints must have the competitor's name and title clearly printed on the back of the mount in an upright position with a clearly visible arrow showing the way it is to be displayed. PRINTS WILL BE SHOWN AS MARKED AND ANY PRINT THAT IS NOT MARKED WILL NOT BE SHOWN. Nothing may be on the back of any mounted print that would damage another print.
Section D – Image Alterations [Please Refer to Article IV, Section B.]
Section E – Preparation
Printing and processing of film and digital images may be done commercially or by the competitor.

Article VI – Projected Images [Digital Images]
Section A – Format
Competition in the Digital medium will be accomplished by the use of a computer and a digital projector. Such images must be provided as JPG files; other formats are not acceptable. Image resolution will be sized by the computer operators (1024 x 768).
Section B – Image Source
While the majority of the images submitted in the Digital medium are expected to have been taken with a digital camera, images taken with a film camera and subsequently scanned or stored on discs are also acceptable.
Section C – Image Alterations [Please Refer to Article IV, Section B.]
Section D – File Naming
Image files submitted for competition must be easily identified as such and not mixed in with other files that are not being submitted for competition. The file name must consist of the makers name followed by the image title. Example: JDoe Deer in My Gardin .JPG
[NOTE:The title of a submission can not be longer than 30 characters including spaces due to computer program limitations. ]

Article VII – Submitting Images
No less than four days prior to any competition each competitor should send an email message to This message should contain his/her name and the titles (with the media identified) of the images being submitted. It should also have
RCC Competition Rules – Page 5 – June 2012 attachments of any digital images involved.
These should be named as specified in Article VI, Section D above. For example: [JDoe] is submitting the following for the next [topic/open] competition:
(print) Pogo the Possum
(print) Massive Crocagator
(digital) JDoe Life in the Swamp.JPG
The digital image also should be named JDoe Life in the Swamp.JPG where it is stored on your computer [My Pictures / Pictures, etc.].
In the event that a member competitor is unable to send an email, a phone call to the scorekeeper will suffice. This number will be provided on request in the publicity in LW News. Print entries submitted at the competition event will be accepted at the discretion of the persons who are managing the event. No digital entries can be accepted after the four days cut off deadline. Submitting images via email before the event is intended to make the event function more smoothly and should enable the competitors to enjoy the competition rather than endure the hassle associated with logging in images at the last moment.

Article IX – Judging Procedure
Section A – Selection & Instruction of Judges
The First Vice President shall select competent judges who are neither residents of Leisure World nor non-resident members of the Club. The First Vice President, when writing to confirm the date of the competition, shall include a copy of the competition rules. He shall also review the system with the judge immediately before the judging.
Section B – Sign-In Procedure
Images should be submitted as described in Article VII. However, in an effort to accommodate late print submissions, the competition Chairman or the Scorekeeper will provide forms to be used for entrants to record names and the image titles. To the extent possible these forms will be pre-printed with known competitor names and adequate space provided for new competitors. Acceptance of late print submissions is totally at the discretion of the members running the competition.
Section C – Scenario
There will be a run-through of entries prior to any commentary by the judge. When the images are shown for a second time, the judge will make comments and rule the image to be either “In” or “Out” of further consideration. The judge’s comments should be minimal for the “Advanced” class of competitors. This “In-Out” ruling shall continue for as many cycles as needed to reduce the total number of “In” images to the quantities specified in Article III. The judge will then identify the images that placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with the remainder being awarded an Honorable Mention. All winning images will be acknowledged by the presentation of a certificate. Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be encouraged to state when, where and under what circumstances the photograph was taken.
Section D – Image Titles
The titles of the images will not be made known to the judge prior to the rendering of a decision. Titles will be announced at the same time as placement.
Section E – Violations
Violations of the competition rules will result in the disqualification of the relevant entry or entries. Depending on the circumstances, other corrective action may also be taken by the Board to achieve fairness to other competitors.

Article IX – Scoring
Section A – Monthly and Year-End Events

Points will be awarded in each competition category as follows:
Placement Points Awarded as revised for 2011-12

First 10
Second 9
Third 8
Honorable Mention 6
Participation 1
If it has been necessary to combine classes to produce a viable competition category, the same schedule of points will apply.
Section B – Record Keeping
The competition chairman shall either be responsible for Record Keeping or assign the position of “Score Keeper” to any other club member. A worksheet shall be maintained for each competitor. The scores awarded for every image submitted by the competitor shall be posted to this worksheet. These worksheets may be maintained manually or by computer.

Article X – Determination of Class
Section A – Voluntary Assignment
Any member who requests classification as “Advanced” will be granted it.
Section B – Season Winners
Any “General” class competitor who places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the final year-end standings for any two years for a given medium will be promoted to the “Advanced” class for that medium for the next and all subsequent competition years. Promotion will occur only at season-end.
Section C – Demotion
Any “Advanced” class competitor who feels that he is unable to compete at that level may appeal to the Board for reclassification as “General.”

Article XI -- Annual Awards
Section A – Current Year
Annual awards are given at the end of each Club competition year and are based on the total points accumulated during that year. A minimum of thirty points is required for each award. The highest point leader in each category will be named “Photographer of the Year” for that category. A 2nd and 3rd place will also be awarded in all of the categories, provided the minimum number of points has been earned.

Article XII – Miscellaneous
Section A – Supplies
The competition chair shall be in charge of all competitions and shall be responsible for providing entry forms and other materials and equipment needed to conduct the competitions.
Section B – Training & Competition Conduct
The competition chair shall select and train the support staff needed to conduct the competitions and shall establish guidelines for assuring that the competition proceeds without undue delay or error.
Section C – Final Authority
Decisions of the competition chair shall be final in any matter related to the competitions which is not specifically covered by the competition rules, the Club Constitution and Bylaws or Board Action. The chair may disqualify any entry which does not meet a specific subject description, or whose maker fails to comply with club rules.
Section D – Changes made for the 2011-12 Season
Beginning with the 2012-13 season, members, as they are able, are encouraged to photograph their competition entries within five years of use in a club competition (example: an open competition entry used in September 2012 would have to have been shot in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and up to Sept. 2012). Members who are not able to meet this time restriction are urged to continue to submit older photographs according to the other rules of competition. The managers of the competition are not going to demand dates on the entries. It is important to remember that the Constitution of the Club writes of members “sharing and enjoying activities in photography and growing in the knowledge and practice of photography.”