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Trips / non-RCC Classes

If you have had a good or bad experience with any or others let us know and we'll make adjustments.

RCC Classes are HERE

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Smokies Tour 2018

April 15-19, 2018
Road Runner Photography Tours

Stu suggested.

Experience Park Tours
Jon suggests them for Nation Parks

Road Scholar Photo Tours & Workshops:
Larry says "all Road Scholar Tours, including the photo-specific ones, are excellent and
have been taken by many RCC members. The prices are very reasonable and include
all room, food, tips, etc, as well has injury insurance during the tour. They have high
caliber tour leaders and have special rates for single, double and triple occupancy rooms.
The only thing which is generally not included is your transportation to and from the tour.

Road Scholar

Capital Photography Center Larry recommends their workshops.
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours
Great Courses Photography Lou says very good source of photo training
DVDs. They sell DVD courses presented by internationally and nationally
recognized photographers on topics such as Fundamentals; Master
Photography, and Landscape and Wildlife.  Occasionally they have special
promotional pricing, such as $69 (marked down from $235 per DVD).
Field Trips:

Washington Safari
Cherry Blossom Great images of all season by Kevin Ambrose
LeTran Photography
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours