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Intermediate Digital Photography
Prerequisites: Introductory Photography course or the equivalent experience
This is an intermediate photography course. Students will review functions of the camera including shutter priority, aperture priority, ISO, exposure compensation, and how these work together. Participants will learn the process of image processing. You will review the technical aspects of printing. Students will be introduced to more advanced compositional skills and aesthetics of both shooting and printing photographs. You will participate in weekly class critiques where your assignments will be discussed both technically and aesthetically. Though any camera is acceptable, DSLR cameras are preferred, and will be the primary focus for this course. The course will build on your understanding of basic photography, reinforce your application of photographic fundamentals and increase your visual awareness and photographic compositional skills.
Registrants are expected be familiar with the controls on your camera (e.g., how to access aperture priority, shutter priority, ISO and exposure compensation), and have taken an introductory photography course or have equivalent knowledge. Please contact the instructor at, to make sure you have sufficient background to participate in this Intermediate level course. Students are expected to bring images to class for weekly discussions. 
Instructor: Jim Auerbach 
4 classes, Wednesdays, June 14-July 5, 2017, 6:30-8:30 PM
$25/$20 for HPMSC members
 Location: Holiday Park Multiservice Senior Center,
3950 Ferrara Drive, Wheaton, MD 20906.
Phone: 240-777-4999
Registration can only be done at Holiday Park MSC
Road Scholar Photo Tours & Workshops:
Larry says "all Road Scholar Tours, including the photo-specific ones, are excellent and
have been taken by many RCC members. The prices are very reasonable and include
all room, food, tips, etc, as well has injury insurance during the tour. They have high
caliber tour leaders and have special rates for single, double and triple occupancy rooms.
The only thing which is generally not included is your transportation to and from the tour.

Road Scholar

Capital Photography Center Larry recommends their workshops.
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours
Great Courses Photography Lou says very good source of photo training
DVDs. They sell DVD courses presented by internationally and nationally
recognized photographers on topics such as Fundamentals; Master
Photography, and Landscape and Wildlife.  Occasionally they have special
promotional pricing, such as $69 (marked down from $235 per DVD).
Field Trips:

Washington Safari
Cherry Blossom Great images of all season by Kevin Ambrose
LeTran Photography
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours