Rossmoor Camera Club

A) General Information:

o “5 Vital Things You Must Consider as a Photographer”

"Shadow and Silhouette Photography Techniques"

o "How to Use
Auto-Exposure Lock on a DSLR Camera"

o "De-mystifying
Resolution in Photography"

o "Using a Cube to Understand Photography

o "6 Tips for Controlling
Depth of Field"

o "
Color Theory Tutorial for Photographers"

o "How to Keep Your Camera
Steady at Slow Shutter Speeds"

o "How to Read a
Histogram Correctly"

o "3
Mistakes that Beginner Photographers Make"

o "Hyperfocal Distance
Focus - Calculations and Focus"

o “4
Types of Light You Should Know as a Photographer"

o “Rules of
Thirds in Photography”

o “Give Your
P&S Camera Some Love”

o “
Elements of Great Photography”

o “10 Steps to
Improve Your Photography WITHOUT Buying New Gear”

o “ 7 Steps to Ensure Your Photographs Are
High Quality

o “3 simple Steps to Craft Great
Black & White Photos

o “Photographer’s
Shutter Speed ‘Cheat Sheet’ Reference Guide”

o “ 4 Simple Ways to Get
Sharper Photos

o “Benefits of Shooting in
Auto Mode

o “9 Mistakes that Can Make
Blurry Photos

o “
Metadata – What is it and How to Use it”

o 5 Easy Ways to
Drastically Improve Your Photos – for Beginners”

o “How to Pause and Learn to Make
Fewer and Better Photos

o “
Unconventional Composition Technique to Improve Your Photos”

o “3 Tips for Photographing in
Harsh Mid-Day Sun

o “
Tripod Stability”

o “
Blurry Pictures--What Causes Them and How to Get Sharp Photos!”

B) Landscape & Nature Photography:

o "Landscape Photography, Rules of Thumb"

o “5 Ways to Create
Better Landscape Photos”

o "5
Long Exposure Landscape Photography Tips"

o "2 Horizon
Tips for Better Landscape Photos"

o “5 simple Techniques for Leading the
Viewer’s Eye

o "Capturing Landscape Photos with

o “6 Tips for Shooting
Long Exposure Night Photos”

o "Landscape Photography at

o "Below the Horizon – Take Beautiful Images
AFTER Sun Goes Down"

o "
Night Landscape Photography"

o "Using
Natural Light in Landscape Photography" 

o "
Winter Landscape Photography"

o "
Composition Tips for Landscape Photography"

o “
Diagonal Lines in Landscape Photography”

o “
Tips for Winter Landscape Photography”

o “How to Shoot Landscapes at

o “
Landscape & Nature Photography Tips”

o “
Garden Photography”

o “Using Selective

Sharpen Your Vision - 5 ways to make more meaningful images of nature”

Rossmoor’s own:
Larry and Joanne Mars Video series on Nature Photography
Picture Correct