Rossmoor Camera Club

E) Wildlife & Action Photography:

o “10 Must Use
Bird Camera Setting Tips for Beginners”

o “5 Tips for Getting Started with
Wildlife Photography for Beginners

o “ Nature and Wildlife Photography tips for

o "Wildlife Photography
Primer" (George Lepp)

o “7 Tips for Better
Marine Wildlife Photos”

o “6 Tips for Capturing
Character and Personality in Wildlife Photos”

o “
5 Pro Tips to Help You Do Better Wildlife Photography”

o “
How to Take Better Wildlife Photos – Be a Naturalist First”

o “Tips for
Black & White Wildlife Photography”

o “
4 P’s for Improving Your Wildlife Photography”

o “Why
Manual Exposure is Better for Winter Wildlife Photography”

o “6 Tips for
Capturing Action in Wildlife Photography”

o “5 Tips for Photographing
Wildlife in Low Light

o “How to Expose Correctly for
High Contrast Wildlife

o “Why
Semi-Automatic Mode is Best Choice for Wildlife Photography”

o “
5 Tips for Wildlife Photography”

o “ Wildlife Photography

o “Specialized
AF For Action

o “ Solutions:
Handheld Shooting Technique“

o “
Long Lens Tips And Techniques“

o “
Long Lens Techniques”

o “Boost Your
AF Performance

o “Home
Field Training for Action & Wildlife Photos”
F) Direct Sunlight & Cloud Photo:

o “How to Photograph a

o “Tips for Doing More Spectacular
Sunset Photography”

o “5 tips to Take Better Sunset Photos & Why NOT to Photograph
Sunset Directly

o “9 Tips for Adding a Warm Sun
Flare to Sunset Images”

o “How to Photograph
Sun Flares – 14 Tips for Beginners”

o “4 Reason Photographing Sunrises and Sunsets Will
Help You Take Better Photos

o “7 Uncommon Tips for Winter Sunrise Photos
Near Water

o “How to
Predict Dramatic Sunsets”

o “Three Methods of Making Stunning Photographs in
Bright Sunlight

o “8 Simple Guidelines for
Capturing Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Images”

o “Sunset Photography
Video Tutorials

o “How to Photograph Dramatic
Clouds at Sunset

o “Using Sun as a
Compositional Element

o “Don’t give Up in the Middle of the Day – Tips for Shooting in
Mid-Day Sun

o “12 Tips for Photographing
Stunning Sunrises and Sunsets”