Rossmoor Camera Club

G) Night Photography:

o “Tips for Successful Star Trails Photography”

o “Tips for Shooting the
Milky Way

o “Comprehensive Tutorial – How to Shoot the
Milky Way

o “Photographing Nocturnal
Landscapes without Breaking the Bank”

o “5
Reasons to Do Night Photography”

o “Digital Photo Secrets - How To Take Spectacular Shots of the
Super Moon

o “How to Photograph the

o “How to Photograph
the Moon – Photography 101”

H) Architecture Photography:
(future category)

I) Abstract, Pattern & Design Photography:
(future category)

J) Indoor Photography:
(future category)

K) Still Life Photography:
(future category)
L) Water, Wave & Ice Photography:

o "Wave Chasing Photography"

o "This Photography Trick that Lets You Take
Long Exposures WITHOUT a Filter"

o “
Coastal Photography:

o “How to Shoot

o “How to Take Amazing Photos in the
M) Urban and Street Photography:

o "7 Tips for Better Street Photography"

o "A Street Photographer's Guide to Photographing
New York City"

o "8 Tips for Doing Stunning
Urban Landscapes"

o “7 Tips for Photographing

o “Camera
Settings for Street Photography”