Rossmoor Camera Club

N) Portrait and People Photography:

o “Background Zoom Blur Tutorial for Great Portraits"

o 9 Ways to Ensure Getting
Sharp Images of People”

o “21 Dramatic
Black & White Portrait Tips”

o “Tips for Photographing Your
Own Kids

o “Create Good
Black & White Portraits”

o “
Sunshine, My Favorite Light Source”

o “Getting Great Portraits at

o “How to Photograph People in Harsh
Mid-Day Sun

o “How to Use
Sunset Light to Light Portraits”

o “3 Tips for Shooting Portraits in
Bright Sunshine

o “Photographing
Kids in Noon-Day Sun”

o “Beginners Tips for
Sunrise Portraits – Part I”

o “
Sunrise Portraits, Part II – the Techniques”

o “5 More Tips for Shooting People in the
O) Travel Photography

o 6 Tips to Make Travel Photography Easier

o “8 Travel Photography
Tips for Your Next Journey”

o “Travel Photography Tips &

o “7
Secrets to Great Vacation Photography”