Rossmoor Camera Club

R) [no Q] Printing Tips & Techniques:

o "How to Prepare Your Photos for Printing"
S) Equipment and Accessory Information

o “Tripods: How to Use Them; How to Choose Them” - Video

o “
Tripod Stability

o "When to Use Image

o “
Lens Hoods - Why, When, and How to Use Them” – Video

o "How to Use Your Smart Phone as a Graduated
Neutral Density Filter"

o "Learn How to Use Neutral Density Filters and
Graduated ND Filters" - Video Tutorial

o "Using a 10-stop ND Filter to Take
Long Exposure Sunset Images"

o “When & Where to
Use Lens Hoods
T) Creative Photography Tips & Techniques:

o " 4 Refraction Ideas to Stimulate Your Creativity"

o "An Apple a Day Keeps
Creativity Awake"

o “How to Capture
Mood & Atmosphere

o “Why Getting Out of Your
Comfort Zone is Good for Your Photography”

o "5
Creative Exercises to Make You a Better Photographer"