Rossmoor Camera Club

October 24, 2017 Competition results
Subject: Transportation
Judged by: Wayne Wolfersberger

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Competitions consist of two categories: prints and digital images.
All digital winning images are below.
Only those prints provided by winners are also below. If you weren't at the competition, you missed some.
Print winners must send their image to to have it displayed on this site.


General Prints (15 entries)
1st Lou Paley Moving Steam Train
2nd Julie Friedman Construction Congestion
3rd Woody Shields We Love a Parade
H.M. Lou Paley Paddling on the Charles River
H.M. Donna Zoldi Balloon Ride
Advanced Prints (?? entries)
1st Joanne Mars On the Move
2nd Joanne Mars Ice Lagoon
3rd Larry Mars Paddlin' Madeline
H.M. Jon Fife Moon Landing
H.M . George Kaye
Sturgis Bike Week
H.M . George Kaye
Sled Dogs
H.M. Larry Mars Rush Hour

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General Print 2nd place Julie Friedman Construction Congestion

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General Print 3rd place Woody Shields We Love a Parade

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Advanced Prints 1st Lou Paley Moving Steam Train
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Advanced Prints H.M. George Kaye Sturgis Bike Week
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Advanced Print: HM George Kaye, Sled Dogs
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General Print H.M. Lou Paley Paddling on the Charles River




Advanced Digital (21 entries)
1st George Kaye Camel Wagon
2nd Richard Bambach Tug and Container Ship
3rd Elaine Selby Cyclist in Intersection
H.M. Richard Bambach Carabao Cart
H.M. George Kaye Roundabout-Jaipur India
H.M. Joanne Mars To the Rescue
H.M. Larry Mars Lake Louise
General Digital (27 entries)
1st Frank M. Roddy Queen Mary
2nd Bob Kaplan Climbing the Grade.
3rd Donna Zoldi Swiss Trail Ride
H.M . Gaby Dusan Escalator to Success
H.M. Ron Masi Train Ride
H.M. Nina Parish Amazon Shipping
H.M. Woody Shields Final Approach
H.M. J ulie Thomas Chicago Water Tax
H.M. Donna Zoldi Learning to Fly

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Advanced Digital: 1st: George Kaye, Camel Wagon

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Advanced 2nd: Rich Bambach, Tug and Container Ship

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Advanced 3rd: Elaine Selby, Cyclist in Intersection

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Advanced HM: Larry Mars, Lake Louise

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Advanced HM: Rich Bambach, Carabao Cart

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Advanced HM: Joanne Mars, To the Rescue

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Advanced HM: George Kaye, Roundabout Jaipur India

General Digital
Stacks Image 664
General 1st: Frank Roddy, Queen Mary
Stacks Image 666
General 2nd: Robert Kaplan, Climbing the grade
Stacks Image 668
General 3rd: Donna Zoldi, Swiss Trail Ride

Stacks Image 570
General HM: Julie Thomas, Chicago Water Taxi

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General HM Nina Parish, Amazon Shipping

Stacks Image 558
General HM: Donna Zoldi, Learning to Fly

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General HM: Gaby Dusan, Escalator to Success

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General HM: Woody Shields, Final Approach

Stacks Image 672
General HM: Ron Masi, Train Ride