Rossmoor Camera Club


How do you as a member enter this competition? For new members and old members alike, let me [Stu] give several basis rules:

An email needs to be send to

Be sure to spell the name of the club and the email address correctly. Note deadline.
Each paid member may enter up to 2 Prints (Matted) and up to 2 Digital photos. The Digital entries must be attached
to the email. The matted prints are to be listed by title, but must be brought to the competition by the photographer or a friend. Of course,
if a photographer wants to enter only 1 digital work, or 1 print and 2 digital works, etc., then this is possible.


General, Mary Todd, Photograph of my Husband

or, Advanced, Franklin Roosevelt, My European Comrades

(Use the level that you are at in the club: General or Advanced, new members are considered General until they win often.)

On the back only of the matted Prints, include, level, name, short title, and ARROW of direction for the TOP,. so that the entry can be placed correctly in the light box.


Ike Eisenhower is submitting 2 prints and 2 digitals for the OPEN competition on Jan 23, 2018:

Print: Advanced, Ike Eisenhower, Landing on the Moon
Print: Advanced, Ike Eisenhower, Comrades in Europe

Digital: Advanced, Ike Eisenhower, Football Team Protests War
Digital: Advanced, Ike Eisenhower, Grand Central Station 1929

(The titles of the digitals can be no more than 30 characters on the computer to include spaces and characters. No punctuation, no exclamation points, no question marks, no possessive marks--no nothing) (Russians love to use double negatives.)

Cheers,   Stu Lillard
Stewart Lillard         301-598-5181