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Club 2019-20 Competition

Greeting Camera Club Members:

It is now the time that the Executive Committee begins to consider the four competition topics for 2019-20. This seems like a long time away but you won't think so when it is September 2019 and your photo files are a little thin of pictures for the coming year's competition topics. Now is your chance to have first input in selecting potential topics.

This is how it works. Please send me an email of one, no more than two, topic(s) for consideration. We will put together a list of the topics most often selected and post it at our April 4th general meeting for vote on the four (4) topics you like best. When nominating a topic think only of yourself. Or to put it another way consider topics based on creativity and the likelihood that you personally would have the opportunity to take such pictures.

When you reply to: please help me keep my life a little simpler by just saying 2019-20 topic suggestion(s) are: 1. ... and 2. ..... .

Please think about this and get back to me as soon as you can.

Many thanks,
Jonathan D. Fife
3200 N. Leisure World Blvd. #1001
Silver Spring, MD 20906-7621
(H) 301-598-1840 (M) 540-505-3700

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