Rossmoor Camera Club

January 31, 2017 Competition results
Subject: OPEN
Judged by: Marti Belcher

All images are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Competitions include both print and digital images. All winning digitals are below. Winning prints provided are also below however for various reason all prints are not provided. To have seen all the prints, you had to be present at the competition.


Advanced Prints (26 entries)

1st Stewart Lillard — Cathedral Stairs
2nd Brenda Gillum — Snowy Egret Landing
3rd Larry Mars — Green River Overlook
H.M. Chuck Bress — Man in Red
H.M. Chuck Bress — Mural
H.M. George Kaye — Mi Casa, Su Casa
H.M. Joanne Mars — Manhattan Bridge
H.M. Genie Sachs — Lavender Chrysanthemum
H.M. Elaine Selby — Chinese Ball on Pedestal

General Prints (10 entries)

1st Lou Paley Sunset Over Delaware Bay
2nd Steven Kline Beit Guvrin
3rd Ingrid Masi Lightplay

Stacks Image 648

First place Advanced Print by Stewart Lillard — Cathedral Stairs

Stacks Image 652

First Place General Prints Lou Paley — Sunset Over Delaware Bay

Stacks Image 658

Third Place Advance Prints Larry Mars — Green River Overlook


Enjoy all our winning digital
images below:

Advanced Digital (22 entries)

Stacks Image 616

1st: Larry Mars, Arches Sunset

Stacks Image 618

2nd: Sue Alexander, Tons of Hair

Stacks Image 620

3rd: George Kaye, Manitoba Forest

Stacks Image 622

HM: Joanne Mars, Monument and Tree

Stacks Image 626

HM: George Kaye, Tunisian Woman

Stacks Image 628

HM: Brenda Gillum, Pony Splash

Stacks Image 630

HM: Brenda Gillum, Bison

General Digital
(22 entries)

Stacks Image 632

1st: Donna Zoldi, Pondering the Alps

Stacks Image 636

2nd: Rich Gillum, Mandarin

Stacks Image 634

3rd: Gaby Dusan, Mans House

Stacks Image 638

HM: Louis Paley, Girl in Brookside Garden

Stacks Image 640

HM: Steven Kline, Reflections Tel Aviv Skyline

Stacks Image 570

HM: Ingrid Masi, Cloud and Tractor