Rossmoor Camera Club

February 28, 2017 Competition Results
Subject: Animals
Judged by: Henrik de Gyor

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All images are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Competitions include both print and digital images.
Available winning print images are below. NA indicates those not available. You'd had to have been there, to see all the prints.
All winning
digitals are below.

Prints, Advanced (27 entries)

1st place
Sue Alexander —That Look

2nd place
Mark Ratner — Butterfly

Stacks Image 694
3rd Place Larry Mars — Monarch Butterfly

Sue Alexander—What a Looker
Chuck Bress — Cockatiel 9 (NA)
Jean DeSchriver — Draco (NA)

Stacks Image 731
H.M. Larry Mars — Gray Wolf

Stacks Image 737
H.M. Elaine Selby — Eastern Kingbird

Stacks Image 739
H.M. Elaine Selby — Green Cheek Conure

Prints, General (10 entries)
Stacks Image 743
1st Place
Robert Tropp —Goose in Duckhead

Stacks Image 662
2nd Place
Woody Shields —Autumn Sunshine

Lou Paley — Mom Returning from Shopping

Digital, Advanced (23 entries)

Stacks Image 664

1st: George Kaye — Penguins on Parade

Stacks Image 666

2nd: Richard Bambach — Spectacled Caiman

Stacks Image 668

3rd: Richard Bambach— Sea Anemone

Stacks Image 672

H.M. Sue Alexander — Great Horn Owl

Stacks Image 676

HM: Jon Fife — Afternoon Snack

Stacks Image 674

HM: George Kaye — Proud Mama

Stacks Image 678

HM: Mark Ratner — Lizzard

Stacks Image 682

HM: Mark Ratner — Orangutan

Digital, General (22 entries)
Stacks Image 632

1st: Lou Paley Hummingbird in My Garden

Stacks Image 636

2nd: F. Barry McLean — Eagle Observing River Crossing

Stacks Image 634

3rd: Steven Kline — Eye Balling Lion

Stacks Image 638

HM: Julie Friedman — So Sad

Stacks Image 640

HM: R Frank Gillum —The Stalk

Stacks Image 570

HM: Nina Parish — Crane in Miami Bay

Stacks Image 568

HM: Woody Shields —Twin Fawns