Rossmoor Camera Club

March 28, 2017 Competition Results
Subject: Mist
Judged by:Steve Bruza

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Competitions include both print and digital images.
Available winning print images are below. NA indicates those not available. You'd had to have been there, to see all the prints.
All winning
digitals are below.

Prints, Advanced (14 entries)

1st place
Joanne Mars — Morning in the Smokies

2nd place
Joanne Mars
Minerva Terrace (NA)

3rd place
Larry Mars
Yellowstone Basin (NA)

Larry Mars
Walking in the Mist (NA)

Fred Shapiro
Fog in LW (NA)

Prints, General (8 entries)
Stacks Image 769
1st Place
Steven Kline Twin Peaks in Mist and Fog

2nd Place
Woody Shields —Morning Fog In Alaska

3rd Place
Woody Shields Morning Fog In the Valley

Digital, Advanced (19 entries)

Stacks Image 743

1st: Fred Shapiro — Alaskan Mist

Stacks Image 745

2nd: Joanne Mars — Tuscan Misty Morning

Stacks Image 755

3rd: Stewart LillardFog Trumps PO Tower

Stacks Image 749

H.M. Richard Bambach — In the Dolomites

Stacks Image 751

HM: Jean DeSchriver — Noelley

Stacks Image 753

HM: George Kaye — Panama City Beach in the Fog

Digital, General (16 entries)

Stacks Image 757

1st: Julie Friedman Enchanted

Stacks Image 759

2nd: Lou Paley Misty at Del River Gap, PA

Stacks Image 765

3rd: Julie Friedman — Hotel in the Mist

Stacks Image 767

HM: Frank M. Roddy — Fog on Columbia

Stacks Image 763

HM: Woody Shields — Fog Around The Mountain