Rossmoor Camera Club

April 25, 2017
Subject: EOY 2016-17
Judged by: Frank Van Riper

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All images are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Competitions include both print and digital images.
Available winning print images are below. NA indicates those not available. You'd had to have been there to see all the prints.
All winning
digitals are below.

Prints, Advanced (32 entries)
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Al Tanenholtz — Window Washer

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Brenda Gillum
Red Bellied Woodpecker
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Stewart Lillard
Alcoholic Architecture

HM Sue Alexander
That Look (NA)

HM Jean DeSchriverAqua Building Chicago (NA)

HM Jean DeSchriver Draco (NA)
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HM Brenda GillumSnowy Egret Landing

HM Mark RatnerButterfly (NA)

HM Genie SachsLavender Chrysanthemum (NA)

HM Fred ShapiroCountry Chapel (NA)

Prints, General (11 entries)
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Ingrid Masi — Lightplay

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Steven Kline
Twin Peaks in Mist and Fog (NA)

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Woody Shields
Autumn Sunshine

HM Lou Paley
Sunset Over Delaware Bay (NA)

Digital, Advanced (34 entries)

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1st: Jean DeSchriver, Millenium Park Chicago

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2nd: Mark Ratner, Orangutan

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3rd: Joanne Mars, Herding

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H.M. Brenda Gillum, Wolf with Fish

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HM: Larry Mars, Blacksmith

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HM: Larry Mars, Taro Fields

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HM: Rich Bambach, Spectacled Caiman

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HM: George Kaye, Penguins on Parade

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HM: Elaine Selby, Snuff Jar in Ivory

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HM: Sue Alexander, Great Horn Owl

Digital, General (28 entries)
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1st: Gaby Dusan, Mans House

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2nd: F. Barry McLean — Eagle Observing River Crossing

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3rd: Ingrid Masi, Tree View

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HM: Louis Paley, Girl in Brookside Gardens

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HM: Steve Kline, Glacier Down to Water

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HM: Julie Friedman, Enchanted

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HM: Ingrid Masi, Coming Out

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HM: Ron Masi, Many Eyes

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HM: Frank Roddy, Fog on Columbi

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HM: R Frank Gillum Mandarin