Rossmoor Camera Club

September 27, 2016 Completion results
Subject: Open
Judged by: Terry Popkin

All images are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Competitions include both print and digital images. Winning digital images are below. However to see the prints, you’d have to have been present at the competition.

Advanced Prints (27 entries)
1st Mark Ratner Butterfly
2nd Chuck Bress Hands and Wall
3rd Chuck Bress Car Door Handle
H.M. Brenda Gillum Red bellied Woodpecker
H.M. George Kaye Carl Milles Gardens, Stockholm
H.M. Joanne Mars Madison Bldg Outside Corridor
H.M. Larry Mars Haleakala Crater
H.M. Genie Sachs Butterfly
H.M. Elaine Selby Bodhisattva of Compassion

General Prints (12 entries)

1st Robert Tropp White Orchid
2nd Robert Stromberg Conquerer of War
3rd Steven Kline Glacier Bay2
H.M. Steven Kline Glacier Bay 1

Enjoy our winning digital images below:

Advanced Digital (22 entries)
First Brenda Gillum, RingBilled Gull on Blue
Second LarryMars, Quartet Flyover
Third Elaine Selby, Snuff Jar in Ivory.
H.M. George Kaye, Still Life With Veggies
H.M. Joanne Mars, Gothic Ceiling
H.M. Brenda Gillum, Wolf with Fish
H.M. Larry Mars, Taro Fields
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General (22 entries)
First Nina Parish, Amazon Double Rainbow
Second Ron Masi, Many Eyes
Third Steve Kline, Glacier at Glacier Bay
H.M. Steve Kline, Hopkins Inlet Glacier Bay
H.M. Ingrid Masi, Two Rainbows
H.M. Lou Paley, Wasp Drinking Nectar
H.M. Joy Stromberg, Canadian Postal Box

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