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July 2017 - June 2018
We meet in Clubhouse 2 Exercise Rome

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Sept 7 Thurs 10-11 am Hanging Stu will try to be in the corridor of Club House One, outside the Maryland Room, to help with hanging one matted and framed photograph per member. We can use 8 x 10 smaller photos and larger 10 x 13 photos, etc. Sometimes the pictures are a bit too big. Be sure that the frames have appropriate wires on the back that fit the LW established hooks. At the same time, pick up your photograph which was hanging in the LW Library and which Fred Shapiro too down on Saturday, Sept 2.

Sept 12 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Exercise Rm Please attend and bring your checkbook for paying annual dues of $20 / member to Treasurer George Kaye. Checks are the best way to pay, as it is a record of the payment with your name on it. Cash is often difficult to assign to individual members. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON CASH. Several members of the club will give instructions as to how the competitions work and how to mat and submit your winning entries. And, we need your membership payments so that a new roster can be constructed, with emails that work. Be sure to update your address information so that you receive the email announcement such as this item.

Sep 17 Sun 2:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
On Sunday afternoon, beginning at 2:30 pm (new time) in the auditorium of Clubhouse Two,
Stewart Lillard will present his "Backing Up Your Memories" Photo Matinee, sponsored by the Rossmoor Camera Club. The theme of his photographs is the importance of using the camera to recall memories. His photos trace elements of the history of his family in Maryland during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. Lillard used stored records from the National Archives and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC--nearby repositories available by a short Metro ride. He used these records and photographs to publish a book, Lost in the District, Lost in the Federal Territory: the Life and Times of Doctor David Ross, of Bladensburg, Maryland (a small village just east of the Dictrict's line on the Eastern Branch of the Potomac River. In that village, Dr. Ross was in a position to recommend the "taking up of arms" against Great Britain to his river neighbors of the Committee of Correspondence, George Washington and George Mason. He also helped to organize and operate the lower Antietam Iron Works in Frederick (now Washington) County after 1765 until his death about 1778. The extended family was also involved in the development of several sections of Montgomery County and the District of Columbia: Middlebrook Plantation, Haarlem Plantation, and Widows Mite tract of Washington City (from Farragut Square, north, to Dupont Circle, and Kalorama).

Sep 26 Tues 7 pm Open Comp. Ex Rm Judge: Steve Bruza
Competators please arrive early so your entries may be received and checked off and arranged for the judge to view. The judge will be Steve Bruza, of the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club, who judged the Foggy/Misty Settings for the club last March 2017. The deadline for submitting entries by email for the September Competition will be September 23, Saturday, at midnight. So be sure to attend the first program on Sept. 12th to learn all about submitting your entries.

Oct 3 Tues 7 pm Ex. Com. MR 2
Oct 10 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Ex Rm
Oct 24 Tues 7 pm Transport. Comp Ex Rm

Nov 14 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Ex Rm
Nov 28 Tues 7 pm Hus. of Worship Ex Rm

Dec 5 Tues 6 pm Holiday Social. Ex Rm
Dec 19 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Com. MR 2


Jan 9 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Ex Rm 21
Jan 21 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Jan 23 Tues 7 pm Open Comp. Ex Rm

Feb 6 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2
Feb13 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Ex Rm
Feb 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Feb 27 Tues 7 pm Inter Bldg Comp Ex Rm

Mar 13 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting Ex Rm
Mar 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Mar 27 Tues 7 pm Gardens Comp Ex Rm

Apr 3 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex Comm. Ex Rm
Apr 10 Tues 7 pm Prog. Meeting MR 2
Apr 15 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Apr 24 Tues 7 pm End of Yr Comp. Ex Rm

May 15 Tues 7 pm Annual Meeting Ex Rm

June 5 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2

All rooms are currently scheduled in Club House 2.
MR 1 = Meeting Rm 1; Aud. = Auditorium;
Ex Rm = Exercise Rm.