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July 2017 - June 2018
We meet in Clubhouse 2 Exercise Rome

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Oct 24 Tues 7 pm Transport. Comp Ex Rm
Dear Rossmoor Camera Members:
Now is the time to select, edit, crop, and send in your wonderful award winning photos to the
address for the 2 Prints and 2 Digital images competition entitled Transportation. The club is desirous of photos that depict active moving transportation in some form. Static photos of transportation objects in museums, that are not moving, should not be entered. But, moving transportation that carries people or objects can be found in bicycling, escalator riding, hot-air balloon riding, train riding, airplane flying, golf cart riding, ferry boat riding, canoeing, etc. Be sure to include some image of the individual or load on the vehicle. If you like to go around in circles, then carousel riding or Ferris wheel riding might be considered, although the traveler is not going anywhere, just riding for a sport!

SO, take your photos, use ones that were considered in the Critique on Oct. 10th, use the advice of the outside teacher, and make decisions so that you can enter your works before the deadline of Saturday, midnight, Oct. 21. Early this week would be better for the labor intensive process of getting the digital entries into the correct folders and checking to see if all the entries are sent to the correct the address.
There is no reason to wait until the last evening in the wee hours and hope that the date and time still reads before midnight. This message applies to both the General and Advanced photographers.


Stewart Lillard, 301-598-5181

Nov 14
Tues 7 pm “DSLR Photography Basics”, Marie Joabar, Founder of Capital Photography Center
Nov 28 Tues 7 pm Competition: Houses. of Worship Ex Rm

Dec 5/12? Tues 6 pm Holiday Social. Continuing views of members’ favorite pictures set to music Ex Rm
Dec 19 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Com. MR 2


Jan 9 Tues 7 pm Team Critique by Bob Leonard & Joy Crosser (husband and wife)
an 21 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Jan 23 Tues 7 pm Open Comp. Ex Rm

Feb 6 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2
Feb13 Tues 7 pm “Wildlife Photography”, Chet Stein, member of NBCC
Feb 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Feb 27 Tues 7 pm Inter Bldg Comp Ex Rm

Mar 13 Tues 7 pm “Garden Photography” Irene Hinke-Sacilotto, Leader of Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours
Mar 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Mar 27 Tues 7 pm Gardens Comp Ex Rm

Apr 3 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex Comm. Ex Rm
Apr 10 Tues 7 pm “Black and White Photography” (speaker to be determined)
Apr 15 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Apr 24 Tues 7 pm End of Yr Comp. Ex Rm

May 15 Tues 7 pm Annual Meeting Ex Rm

June 5 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2

All rooms are currently scheduled in Club House 2.
MR 1 = Meeting Rm 1; Aud. = Auditorium; Ex Rm = Exercise Rm (across from gym).