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July 2017 - June 2018
We meet in Clubhouse 2 Exercise Room

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November 28 (4th Tuesday of the month), the club will hold another brilliant competition with a theme of Houses of Worship (External views). There are many ways to photograph the external walls and roofs of houses of worship. Note: this theme does not include places of worship that do not have walls and roofs--no open-air structures. James D. Steele of Falls Church, VA, will be the judge. He has taught at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, and at Georgetown University, the Art League, the Smithsonian, and Photoworks.
Be sure to send in your email notes as to the titles of Prints and the titles and attached images for Digital Entries to the Competition address before the
deadline of Nov. 17, Friday night, at Midnight. Note this earlier date for a deadline. The RCC computer must be loaded on Saturday, Nov. 18. Then, we have a vacation week that includes Thanksgiving Day, shopping days, etc. The event will be on Nov. 28th., starting before 7 pm. Stu Lillard

Competition Address:

Dec 12
Tues 6 pm TENTATIVE As of Nov 19 Holiday Social. Continuing views of members’ favorite pictures set to music. Club house 1, Chesapeake room.
Joanne Mars is planning to construct and edit a musical video for the December 12th (2nd Tuesday evening) Program which is the club's Holliday Social. I believe the event is scheduled for the Chesapeake Room in Club One, which overlooks the Lawn Bowling Court and is near the Lanai. It is a food event and starts at 6 pm. More information about this event will be sent later.
But, the Joanne Mars will be preparing the program. She wants you members to email to her by attachments up to 3 of your favorite images, recent or old, and with no editing restrictions. She will assembly all these individual photos without names and without titles and them place music behind them. This will produce a club's holiday special video.

Holiday Social presentation address:

Be sure not to mix up these addresses. As you can see, it is best to send in your competition entries first. Then, work on sending Joanne Mars you 3 favorite digital photos (NO PRINTS). Her time line is as follows: from now until the deadline of Nov. 30 at midnight.

There are no prizes given for the Holliday Social Video digitals except that you and your friends can enjoy the entries and Joanne Mars' talent and work. Even if you will not be able to attend the December 12th event, you should try to find up to 3 favorite shots and send them in.
Stu Lillard

Dec 19 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Com. MR 2


Jan 9 Tues 7 pm Team Critique by Bob Leonard & Joy Crosser (husband and wife) visit Joy at: and Bob at
an 21 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Jan 23 Tues 7 pm Open Comp. Ex Rm

Feb 6 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2
Feb13 Tues 7 pm “Wildlife Photography”, Chet Stein, member of NBCC visit Chet at:
Feb 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Feb 27 Tues 7 pm Inter Bldg Comp Ex Rm

Mar 13 Tues 7 pm “Garden Photography” Irene Hinke-Sacilotto, Leader of Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours Visit her at:
Mar 18 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Mar 27 Tues 7 pm Gardens Comp Ex Rm

Apr 3 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex Comm. Ex Rm
Apr 10 Tues 7 pm “Black and White Photography” (Alan Sislen, visit his website at )
Apr 15 Sun 3:30 pm Photo Matinee Aud.
Apr 24 Tues 7 pm End of Yr Comp. Ex Rm

May 15 Tues 7 pm Annual Meeting Ex Rm

June 5 Tues 7 pm RCC Ex. Comm. MR 2

All rooms are currently scheduled in Club House 2.
MR 1 = Meeting Rm 1; Aud. = Auditorium; Ex Rm = Exercise Rm (across from gym).