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Links of interest

(There are millions of sites, some are even good, if you have a favorites or know
of any that are especially good and/or if some here should be removed let me know.
Also if you would like to provide a descriptive, one or two sentence / phrase
describing a site or a recommended site please please sent it to your webmaster
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Field Trips:

Washington Safari
Cherry Blossom Great images of all season by Kevin Ambrose
LeTran Photography
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours

Photo Books, creating
Louis recommends
Photography Sites:
Louis says: "I recently subscribed (free) to this website and it is certainly worthy of a link;
it is "Picture Correct, the Photo Site for Tips and Techniques". For thousands of interesting
articles go to:
NEW — Our own Joanne & Larry Mars have the own web site: Visit them at
National Geographic
Tony Sweet Photography
Nikhil Bahl Photography
Outdoor Photographer
Roy Sewall Photography Roy has been and will be a competitions judge
Horizon Photography Workshops Steve has been and will be a competitions judge

s, Member Recommended:
[What's your recommendations to share?]

Sigma Lou says: For dedicated, no sales pushiness, speak to Marc Farb (; ​
16312271014​); Sigma is a w​​wonderful 3rd party lens mfg where Lou bought a new lenss
B & H  Lou's favorite photo resource
Amazon Lou's says provides good prices and wide selection

Road Scholar Photo Tours & Workshops:
Larry says "all Road Scholar Tours, including the photo-specific ones, are excellent and
have been taken by many RCC members. The prices are very reasonable and include
all room, food, tips, etc, as well has injury insurance during the tour. They have high
caliber tour leaders and have special rates for single, double and triple occupancy rooms.
The only thing which is generally not included is your transportation to and from the tour.

Road Scholar

Training & Workshops:
Washington Safari
Capital Photography Center Larry recommends their workshops.
Osprey Photo Workshops & Tours
Great Courses Photography Lou says very good source of photo training
DVDs. They sell DVD courses presented by internationally and nationally
recognized photographers on topics such as Fundamentals; Master
Photography, and Landscape and Wildlife.  Occasionally they have special
promotional pricing, such as $69 (marked down from $235 per DVD).

Techniques,Tutorials & Tips:

Rossmoor’s own:
Larry and Joanne Mars Video series on Nature Photography
Picture Correct

Lexar Lou says:Wide-ranging photo tips and tricks, including topics like: The Art
of Fashion Photography; Making Sense of Memory Cards​; Retouch like a pro​; Shooting
Video​;​​ Shooting at Night​; Create a panoramic image without a wide-angle lens​; Memory
Card Care Advice​; Improve your workflow​; Adobe Photoshop at the Bottom of the World​;
Optical Filters​; Selective Focus​; Recovering Images with Lexar Image Rescue​; White
Balance Setting on Digital Camera​; Shooting in Aperture Priority Mode​, etc
CreativeLive Kathy says this is the best digital photography education site on the internet.

General Information:

“5 Vital Things You Must Consider as a Photographer”

o "Shadow and Silhouette Photography Techniques"

o "How to Use Auto-Exposure Lock on a DSLR Camera"

o "De-mystifying Resolution in Photography"

o "Using a Cube to Understand Photography Lighting"

o "6 Tips for Controlling Depth of Field"

o "Color Theory Tutorial for Photographers"

o "How to Keep Your Camera Steady at Slow Shutter Speeds"

o "How to Read a Histogram Correctly"

o "3 Mistakes that Beginner Photographers Make"

o "Hyperfocal Distance Focus - Calculations and Focus"

o “4 Types of Light You Should Know as a Photographer"

, For the Real Pro's
Adobe Work Shop