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Two of our Camera Club members have been recognized
and written up in the California based web side:

The article is entitled 

" TM Salutes our Veterans, World War II Stories,
Celebrating our Veterans' Stories."

Ray Kurlander "a petty officer torpedo man who never fired a torpedo in anger"

Bob Stromberg "a medic on the front lines of battle in France"

There are other LW of MD veterans who are also recognized, as
well as veterans from other Leisure World organizations around the USA.

Congratulations to Ray and Bob. 
Cheers,   Stu Lillard, Rossmoor Camera Club Board Member
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Bob Stromberg

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Ray Kurlander

Nina Parish

On Tues., Sept. 8, the Camera Club enjoyed an instructive, illustrated talk about macro (close-up) photography by Josh Taylor. Josh conducts photography workshops all up and down the East Coast, lectures and judges in Camera Club competitions, and is a member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society.
Josh expressed his view that when shooting macro images, photographers should focus on design and color. We should look for unusual backgrounds because in close-up photography the background is extremely important. Make sure that the background does not distract from the image. One way to insure this is to always have pieces of different colored cloth or paper to hold behind the object you are photographing.
In order to cast an even light on the subject, Josh showed us different kinds of reflectors we could use. These ranged from purchased white or gold reflectors to home made ones, such as tinfoil wrapped around a piece of cardboard. The light bouncing off of the reflector spreads an even light over the object.
Some more technical subjects were also covered. We should use a small aperture, such as FS16 or 22. We should practice using Live View and manual focus. Move in as close as possible to the subject and use a tripod. Look for an unusual angle.
For example, try photographing flowers from the back or the bottom up.
Josh also spent some time on editing by showing us some of the possibilities that Lightroom and Photoshop lend to this process. In summary, Josh always admonishes us that the job of a photographer is to manage and capture light. “Great light creates joyous images!”
Tired of the usual, then come spend some time appreciating the new photographs in Clubhouse I hung by the camera club members. We find window washers painting yellow beaks on crows, St. Matthew’s domed pate, a sculptor in a cathedral stairway and a stairway to a better game. Then there are the hangings of a pine tree and of amber, while the Delaware River flows through Pennsylvania. See a Hungarian consultation chamber and a D.C. ringing tower. Icelandic rocks and dirt abound , as well as snow and ice and a “NATO orange” lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. Come see a furry diva, an outdated schoolhouse, nesting dolls, a dog with dolls, a mad Maine cat and huskies at a reunion in South Carolina. Then there is a blue and white iris, wild and human pandas and obsolescent re-enactment troops, while a Berlin airlift plane hangs in harness. See a chess pawn and player and a red-tip row of bushes at Leisure World, as the summer second get-away condo sits in Bermuda, or on a rock in chilling Monterey Bay, or in the Sahara sands under early morning sunlight and a fading moon. This trip can be made with little money and only a few steps along the way. (review by Stu Lillard)
Our first competition was held on Sept. 29 in CH II at 7PM. This was an Open Competition, which means that members may submit photos on any subject. The theme of our October competition will be Flowers so take some time to find the best flower photos you have and enter them. Members may submit either 2 print or 2 digital images or 2 in each for a total of 4 entries. Members may submit photos in either the General or Advanced Category. Remember that prints must be brought to the competition on that night mounted and ready for show. Digital entries should be emailed to Your name and the name of the photo should be attached and should be emailed by midnight no less than 4 days prior to any competition